The Rising Hands Out 560 Meals!

On September 12th, The Rising set up shop on the corner of M24 and DeMille in Tim Horton’s parking lot armed with 32 boxes of food ready to hand out to anyone who felt they needed them.

We didn’t advertise this. We didn’t call people and give them a heads up. We simply put a couple of banners on the side of the road and set up a tent to keep the drizzle off of the food boxes. And in 2.5 hours we gave away 20 boxes of food. That’s equivalent to 560 meals!

The best part is this: there was no screening. Several came up to our table asking what forms they had to fill out and they were pleasantly surprised to find out that all we were asking for was a name and if they were willing, a picture. We heard comments like, “You must have known I needed help,” and, “This came at exactly the right time.” We learned about families facing hardship in our community. Our hope is that as we learn about more needs, we’ll find ways to meet those needs. And in meeting those needs, we can advance the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Beginning

This whole thing started back in June as the church headed off to stores with a supplied grocery list in hand. In both June and August, we collected enough food to put together 32 boxes of food. Each box is designed to feed a family of four dinner every night for one week. Each box contains a mixture of mac & cheese, spaghetti, fettuccine, stew, chili, and ravioli along with a fruit or vegetable for each night and some snacks to go along with it. We’ve been able to do this for an average cost of $25 per box.

You Can Help!

It’s easy to help us feed people in our community. If you want to donate toward a box, you can do that by going to our giving page. Just make a note on the form to let us know your donation is to go toward food boxes and we’ll send someone to the store with cash in hand to buy the food. Then we’ll pack it in a box and give it away to people in our community who need a little help.

Thank You!

We just want to shout out a big “Thank You!” to Tim Hortons. They were willing to let us hang out in their parking lot on a Saturday afternoon and let us do our thing. They helped us in a big way. If you feel so inclined, go grab a coffee and a snack from them and let them know you appreciate their help with our project.

Another big “Thank You!” goes out to the people of The Rising Christian Church and their willingness to get on board, donate and pack the food, and stand out in the chilly drizzle on that Saturday. Thanks for your help in mending hears and making disciples.

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  • Anonymous Posted September 17, 2015 9:54 pm

    So happy to be a part of a Wonderful Church. May we continue to grow as a family and to help others and bring them to know JESUS!

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